Gold Program Membership

Our office is wanting to make your dental experience better by offering our Gold Program.  The Gold Program is a discount plan we offer to our loyal patients and new patients who do not have dental insurance.  This plan is purchased once a year and includes the following: 


First member of family $340
Second member of family $325
Dependent/s of family 4-18yrs. $325
Dependent/s of family 3 and younger-  No charge

*In comparison to a traditional PPO dental plan, our Gold Plan breaks down to $28/ month.  

Gold Program Includes
Two exams per year
Yearly X-rays
Two Prophys (cleanings) 
Two Fluoride treatments

No Deductibles
20% off all other dental work
20% off Invisalign (if account is paid in full) 
No Annual Maximums
No Waiting Periods or Pre-Existing Exclusions
All Health Conditions Accepted
You Cannot Be Denied Coverage
Pay with your Health Savings Account (HSA)- if applicable 

 *Care Credit if not accepted on this membership plan.  


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