Invisalign Open House

You're Invited to a Special Event

Open House Promotional Event

Wednesday October 21, 2020


Dr. Schulte invites you to a special ONE DAY only event.  Due to a special offer from Invisalign, we can offer you huge savings on the cost of clear aligner orthodontic treatment at our Invisalign Open House.    

Our special Open House Promotional fees will save you thousands.  We are offering 3 Invisalign products

Invisalign Express Treatment - $2000 - savings of $750

Invisalign Express is the fastest way to get a smile that you'll love.   Did you have braces as a teenager and now your teeth have begun to shift?  Do you wish you could get that perfect smile for your wedding or graduation?  Then Invisalign Express is for you.  In less than 3 months you could have the smile you've been waiting for. Click here to Schedule a free consultation to see if your teeth qualify for this ultra fast treatment.

Invisalign Go Treatment - $3000 - savings of $1250

Invisalign Go is the treatment of choice for patients that want a simple solution fix their smile. Invisalign Go can fix crowded teeth that are hard to floss or get rid of those gaps between your teeth.  If it difficult is to get off of work for dental appointments then virtual appointment are available to minimize visits.  Virtual appointments will also minimize your your contacts during the COVID pandemic.  Invisalign Go treatment usually last between 3-6 months.  Click here to Schedule a free consultation to see if you qualify for this super easy treatment.

Invisalign Comprehensive Treatment - $4000 - Savings of $1700

Invisalign Comprehensive treatment can work for even the most crooked teeth.  The Comprehensive system gives Dr. Schulte all tools available to give you the most customized Invisalign treatment possible.  Dr. Schulte uses over a decade of experience with the ClinCheck Pro software to diagnose and treatment plan your aligner system to give you the smile that you have always wanted.  Additionally, Invisalign uses the most technologically advanced plastics in the industry to move teeth quicker and more reliably than ever before.  If you've been told in the past that only metal braces would straighten your teeth, it may be time to ask for a second opinion.  Click here to schedule an appointment to get the smile you've always wanted.


But wait! There's more... 

All treatment costs are included in these ultra low promotional fees.  This means there is no consultation fee, no record fee, no infection control fee, and one set of retainers are included at the conclusion of treatment.  Additionally, the Invisalign Go and Comprehensive treatments will allow for refinements or adjustments to you teeth for up to 5 years.  This means you can have some assurance that you will have straight teeth for years to come at no additional cost.

Every patient who starts Invisalign treatment will receive a COMPLIMENTARY WHITENING KIT with their aligners.  This kit of Opalescence 15% or 35% Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel has can make your smile up to 3-5 shades whiter and it has a value of $300.  Opalescence Whitening gel and Invisalign clear aligners are a match made in heaven.

You'd better hurry though, space is limited!

We have been allotted space for only 20 patients to receive this promotion.  Appointments are filling up fast so call 502-361-0637 today or Click here to schedule an appointment!

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